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Our Story

One of E’stel’s original founders couldn’t find a bottled water brand in New Zealand that mirrored his passion for modern, minimalist design. That’s why he decided to create a bottled water brand that stood out in terms of taste, quality and design. At the same time it should seamlessly fit into a busy lifestyle and a world of modern sophistication.

Creating a unique bottle that would look good, be versatile and convenient to use, proved to be harder than expected. It took him and his brother-in-law two years and 200-300 different prototypes to create the bottle shape E’stel is known for today. And although they couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel some days, they never lost track of their goal: to create a unique bottle that looks good on a dinner table, an office desk and even at the gym.

At the same time they had to find a water source and they agreed that the water could be no ordinary water – it had to do the bottle justice. So when they found 27,000 year old glacial water that was naturally alkaline and tasted great, they knew they had found the perfect match.

In the past few years E’stel Natural Alkaline Water took New Zealand and parts of the world by storm. Still to this day E’stel Beverages is based in Nelson and a team of 35 employees are working hard to make sure you can enjoy this exceptional water.

We are also working on some new exciting products. And just like our original founders, we will not settle for ordinary or second best but make sure that any new product will stand out in terms of taste, quality and design.

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