Nelson has a great business community and we really enjoy being part of it. So we are happy to help out when we can by offering a great fundraiser model. Here is a recent example:

Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter

Nelson Marlborough Helicopter Trust is doing an amazing and vital job in our region. With an average of 10 call outs per week and an average cost of $3,200 per call out we are proud to support their yearly fundraiser. Find out more about Nelson Marlborough Helicopter Trust here.

Sports Sponsorship

E’stel Natural Alkaline Water has a PH of 8+. Alkaline water is believed to improve the acid-base balance in the body after strenuous exercise and to hydrate more efficiently. That’s why we are excited to sponsor sports teams, sporting events and athletes so they can perform at their best. When it comes to sports sponsorship, we like to support our local teams whenever possible. Here are some examples of the teams, events and athletes we sponsor:

tasman rugby union.png

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