Hydration in winter and why it is so important

One thing most of us have in common during winter is that we don’t drink enough water. In summer as we sweat more we feel dehydrated more easily and are more likely to drink plenty of water. In winter, on the other hand, it’s not really on top of our minds. Perspiration tends to turn to water vapor very quickly, and extra layers of clothing can cause our bodies to dehydrate without us even realising that it’s happening.

The negative effects of dehydration

Dehydration in general can make us feel sluggish, lead to headaches and concentrating becomes much harder. This is not surprising considering that our brain is made mostly of water (70+%). Multiple studies have shown that dehydration negatively effects short-term memory, mood state, reduces cognitive as well as visual motor skills and it also makes us more sensitive to pain. Researchers even found that dehydrated students perform more poorly on tests compared to hydrated pupils.

Dehydration in winter

Besides the negative effects of dehydration on overall well-being and cognitive function, there are some added issues related to dehydration in winter:

  • Our immune system and the mucous membranes of our airways cannot work as they should when the body is even mildly dehydrated making us more prone to the cold and flu.

  • Not having enough fluids can cause your core temperature to drop making us feel cold more easily which in turn suppresses the immune system, so the risk of infection increases.

Stay hydrated this winter!

Our E'stel Natural Alkaline Water helps you to stay hydrated this winter. With our 10l eco-friendly box it's easy to always have enough natural alkaline water at hand, be it in the office or at home.


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