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The story behind E'stel has taken many twists and turns from it's original conception...


The story starts 27,000 years back....,well kind of, The E'stel of today was founded in 2016 by two kiwi blokes that happened to be bro’s and not just bro’s as in friends..although they are pretty good mates too, they are actually brothers in-law Andrew Strang and Wayne Herring, aka 'Strang and Fish' and their idea and passion was to bring the world the best water they could find and boy oh boy did they find it!


E’stel Natural Alkaline Water pH8+ is from deep below the Waimea plains of Te Waipounamu (The South Island of New Zealand) near the village of Brightwater in the sunny top of the south.

Since those early days the business has acquired

Orchard Gate Juice which fits with our passion of having the best quality product available for you to enjoy.




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