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Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water which sits at around pH7. Advocates of alkaline water believe it counteracts too much acidity in the body and is regarded to have a positive impact on the digestive system, immune system, skin and hair. It is also believed to improve the acid-base balance in the body after strenuous exercise and to hydrate more efficiently.

Apart from being alkaline water, E’stel Water is natural alkaline water. That means it is already alkaline when being extracted from the bore and is bottled without any further treatment to influence its pH. That way it contains all the natural minerals that are responsible for the health benefits of natural alkaline water.


Water that isn’t naturally alkaline has to undergo a manufacturing process such as electrolysis to raise its pH value. As a result, once the bottle is opened, the pH instantly starts dropping.

Typical Water Analysis (mg/L)

pH 8.3
Calcium (Ca2+) 2.0
Magnesium (Mg2+) 0.2

Potassium (K+) 0.11
Sodium (Na-) 37

Chloride (Cl-) 5.8


Almost all bottled water comes from recent rainfall that may or may not drain through underground rock formations. Rainfall, however, is affected by chemicals in the atmosphere and on the land it drains through. Bottled water from recent rainfall is therefore a reflection of the modern environment.

E’stel Natural Alkaline Water on the other hand is artesian water and as old as the last Ice Age. Back then, New Zealand was uninhabited and covered by immense glaciers. When the Ice Age came to an end the glaciers started to melt. A small proportion of the water released by the glaciers filtered through ignimbrite rock and was collected in an aquifer in the Waimea Plains at a depth of 895 metres below the surface. There, the water laid undisturbed by any influence of man for over two hundred centuries.


E’stel Natural Alkaline Water is not affected by the modern environment and free from pollutants. It offers an exceptionally subtle clean taste, with a gentle silky texture on the palate. Apart from the delicate taste, E’stel Water is naturally alkaline which many consumers have reported additional health benefits and improved well-being in comparison to drinking their tap or standard spring water.

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