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As a business that currently relies on plastic for bottling we are always looking at co-operation, collaboration, communication, education and action, to drive solutions to closing the plastics loop.

We are looking at ways we can help drive change for the better of our environment.

What we are doing to recycle at E’stel


  • We recycle the cardboard that our raw materials are supplied to us in and reuse them where we are able.


  • Our staff have different bins for our waste to make sure we are always working toward our office and factory goals for sustainability and reducing what we sent to landfill.


  • The ‘wastage’ from blowing our bottles and rejected preforms are sent away for recycling and to be reused in the production of plastic PET products and into preforms again to close the loop.



What can you do to help?

  • Properly dispose of and recycle all PET products especially our bottles that hold the best water in the world.

  • Follow your local reclaimer’s guidelines for disposal of recyclable products.

  • Encourage and support investments in your countries PET production facilities.

  • Learn more about your local areas recycling programs and how they support PET production

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