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How can we reuse or repurpose our waste and products? That is a question we all ask ourselves each day now and it is becoming more and more part of our daily lives 

We encourage you to reuse our bottles by refilling them rather than throwing them out the quality of our bottles mean they can be used many times over before you even need to consider placing them out to be recycled and because we use 100% recyclable PET they can be recreated into something else to be reused again.

There are many uses for bottles that extend their functionality.

Pre Schools can use recycled bottles for sensory objects that the children then fill with glitter, glue, water or sand etc to explore and expand their minds.

Bird Feeders are an easy idea and fun for the kids and encourage bird life in the back yard while keeping them safer in the trees from the local cats.


We encourage you to get creative and see what uses you can reuse bottles for and share your ideas with us here.

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