Water is everywhere, but not always safe to drink.  E'stel's Big 10ltr Eco Box is the one you grab for those family get togethers, the BBQ or camping. Its also perfect to refill the '1' or '750' at home as well as emergency preparedness  with the Eco Box providing other key benifits with benefits like:


  • Easy storage with a smaller packaging footprint than many other plastic bulk offerings.
  • On-tap dispensing from your refrige, cabinet, or pantry. 


We love to see people reusing our stylee bottles and incourage you to do so.


Keeping hydrated is as easy as adding to cart for hassel free delivery to your door.


*Home Supply Subscription Only Avalaible to Customers in the Nelson Region. 

E'stel '10' Eco Box - Natural Alkaine Water

Price Options
One-time purchase
Home Supply Weekly*
*only available for orders in the Nelson Region
$10.00weekly/ auto-renew
Home Supply NZ
1 Box per week delivered to your door
$15.00weekly/ auto-renew